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Swiss Space Systems

They’ve gone belly up, but this is bizarre:

The news comes at the end of a difficult year for S3.

In August its founder and CEO, Pascal Jaussi, was left seriously injured after being beaten up and set on fire by two attackers in a forest.

The media reported at the time that Jaussi was forced to drive his car into a forest, where he was doused in petrol and set on fire. He managed to get himself out of the vehicle and call a friend, who alerted emergency services.

The investigation is ongoing.

The space business can be dangerous, but I’d sure like to know the back story here.

Where Is Trump Getting His Cabinet Picks?

Surprisingly (at least to me), he’s poaching Galt’s Gulch.

[Wednesday-morning update]

Robert Tracinski (who actually is an Objectivist) isn’t impressed:

The problem is that Hohmann is trying to fit the Rand angle into a narrative about the supreme awfulness of the supremely awful Trump administration. “The fact that all of these men, so late in life, are such fans of works that celebrate individuals who consistently put themselves before others is therefore deeply revealing. They will now run our government.” Are you frightened now? Because I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to be frightened.

Hohmann would have been better served by asking what these business leaders took from Rand as the message that inspired them. Again, there are a few hints. Puzder says that it’s about encouraging his kids to live “the kind of lives of achievement, integrity, and independence that Rand celebrated in her novels.” Congressman Mike Pompeo (referred to in the article) explained that Rand’s impact was because, “I spent my whole life working hard,” a virtue her novels promoted, and because, “I eat and breathe small government and freedom.”

Oh, no! Important figures in the new administration have been influenced by an author who advocated freedom. And integrity. Does that perhaps sound a little less frightening?

It does to people who hate those things.

Baby, It’s Rape Outside

I’m glad that these people don’t seem to have the slightest understanding of how sex works; at least it means they won’t procreate.

[Update a couple minutes later]

I agree with the comment over there that it’s annoying to have non-Christmas songs like this (and Over The River And Through The Woods, which I think is a Thanksgiving song) being substituted for actual ones, that actually talk about, you know, Christ and stuff.

Kafka In Palm Beach County

We’re having to deal with a bizarre situation with a house we own in Lake Worth, Florida. The Building Department is demanding that we close a permit, and threatening to fine us a grand a day until we do so. Fun fact: The permit was opened at the time the house was built, two owners prior, and we have no idea what it’s for, and neither does the Building Department, but they’re demanding that we take care of it and have it inspected anyway. It seems to basically be an extortion scheme by a money-hungry local government. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get them to cease and desist pro se? Or know someone who would take it pro bono?