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Academic Fraud

Frank Tipler says that not only are English majors no longer required to know Shakespeare, but physics majors are no longer required to know general relativity:

The basic reasons why modern physics is not covered in required courses are identical to the basic reasons why Shakespeare is not covered: (1) the faculty in both cases want to teach their narrow specialty rather than the basic courses in their field, (2) the faculty members in both cases no longer understand the basic material in their own field, (3) the faculty no longer believe there are fundamental truths in their own disciplines. I’m sure that many members of typical university

Technology In Education

My long-time (which is a better phrase than “old,” as in, “known since college”) friend Lynne Wainfan is trying to sell her children’s middle school on upgrading their technology. She made a video.

I don’t know about the New York Times comparison, though. Yeah, it may be more info than Jefferson got in his lifetime, but a lot of it’s probably wrong or misleading.

Also, it’s a little exaggerated–I don’t think that half (or even a tiny fraction) of basic physics knowledge and math will go obsolete in two years, and that’s what kids in technical majors in college spend most of their time learning. But the point remains that things are accelerating at a frightening pace, and the educational system is going to have to do things differently, or the future will be very scary. Of course, it may be anyway, for other reasons. But either way, it’s where we’re going to be spending the rest of our lives (yes, I know it’s trite, but it’s true).


The wonderland that is Durham continues. I have the same question as the commenters–what kind of a university would hire a loon like this to teach young people? Is this a problem unique to Duke, or does every university have such creatures among its professoriate? I fear the answer.

I hope that they take the pro bono offer in comments and sue him for slander.

How Did That Happen?

I’ve seen stories that the killer had been diagnosed as autistic at age eight. Assuming that’s true, while he clearly was functioning at a fairly high level, when you hear the stories of his academic behavior at college, one has to wonder–how did he get into VPI? What kind of high-school record did he have?

Was there some affirmative action going on here? (Kind of strange, if so, because usually Asians are disadvantaged by it.)