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President, Or King?

SCOTUS is going to review the “take care” clause. This is huge, and a potential opportunity to finally rein in a tyrannical executive.

[Update a couple minutes later]

More at the WaPo from Fred Barbash:

In the view of Texas and others, Obama admitted both that he had no power under the law and that he thus, in his words, “changed the law” while pretending that he wasn’t. Bad faith.

“There generally wouldn’t be any evidence of bad faith,” Georgetown University Law Professor Randy Barnett, who formulated the winning Commerce Clause argument in the Supreme Court challenge to the Affordable Care Act, said in an interview. “But here we have public declarations [from Obama] that ‘I don’t have the authority, I don’t have the authority, I don’t have the authority’ and that ‘Congress won’t act, Congress won’t act, Congress won’t act’ and then you also have the enactment of what looks like legal rules, not just discretion, but whole classes of people who are exempt from the law, the very same law the president was urging Congress to pass….it suggests that he’s not acting in good faith.”

You don’t say.

Hillary’s Server

..had emails on it containing information beyond top secret.

After what happened to Petraeus (and is currently happening), if she isn’t indicted for this, it will be beyond a travesty. And the end of the rule of law in this country.

[Update a few minutes later]

And the State Department has “found” thousands of new documents under FOIA from Judicial Watch.

[Update a while later]

Good lord, the IG had to be read into the program in order to read the emails.

I’m sure that the media is thrilled that Sarah Palin is endorsing Trump today, so they don’t have to report on this.

[Friday-morning update]

Michael Mukasey’s take: A criminal charge is justified. More than one, I’d say.


[Afternoon update]

Hillary’s unsecured server may have exposed a human intelligence asset.