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Brave People

Debunking Mao, in Berkeley:

The husband-and-wife team of Chang and Halliday supported their archival research with interviews with 150 former Mao lieutenants, concluding that Mao was not only bloodier than Hitler or Stalin but worse in his destruction of culture.

The unrepentent commies and Maoists who (sadly) still infest the place are, needless to say, upset.

The Emily Litella Court

The Supreme Court’s Raich ruling last year was a disaster not just for federalism (and freedom), and the founders’ original notion of limited government, but for coherent judicial philosophy in general. Professor Reynolds (and Brandon Denning) explain explain why:

As a practical matter, of course, Supreme Court control over the lower courts has been notional for some time. Lower court caseloads have been exploding, while the Supreme Court is actually hearing fewer cases than it did decades ago. But the Supreme Court


I want a new congressman. He’s one of the three brave morons who voted for immediate withdrawal from Iraq. It’s pretty bad when your rep is on the same page with Cynthia “Moonbat” McKinney. Particularly considering that he’s Jewish, and she’s made many anti-Israel and anti-semitic statements.

Not All Birds Of A Feather

I just went and watched the latest GOP commercial, which is pretty devastating against the Donkeys who are currently trying to rewrite history about their own beliefs about Saddam. But I’m not sure it’s totally fair. Has Hillary been backtracking on this, or Evan Bayh? If not, I’m not sure they should be lumped in with the others. And it’s too bad they don’t have a clip of Kennedy.

Not that I’m a Hillary fan–there’s plenty of reason to oppose her and fear her ascendance to power, but I think she’s been playing the war pretty smart all along (as would behoove her if she wants to win the presidency, though it may cause her grief in the primaries).