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What Did Hillary Do Wrong?

A summary from Sharyl Atkisson.

I think the commenter over there may be right. Obama wants this to hurt Hillary enough to keep her from becoming president, but he doesn’t want the emails related to Benghazi to be exposed to daylight.

[Update a few minutes later]

It’s not just about Hillary’s crimes and boobery, but the incredible ineptitude of the State Department:

The departing manager of the average pizza restaurant is handled more carefully than departing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was. The Obama Administration was so utterly contemptuous of the public’s need to know, and the prerogatives of Congressional oversight committees, that it simply never gave any thought to securing emails the SecState wrote on behalf of the United States of America, until Congress and federal judges forced them to pay attention to the matter.

And I’m sure they’re very angry about it.

[Friday-afternoon update]

Two of Hillary’s scandals merge into one.

The email scandal is politically dangerous for Clinton because it supports the preconception of her as clannish, paranoid, and privileged. The Clinton Foundation scandal is toxic because it fosters the impression that, under Clinton, American diplomatic influence was a commodity available to the highest bidder, regardless of U.S. national interest. The convergence of those two scandals would doom the careers of Clinton and those who surrounded her all those Halcion years.

I wish. But she’s been getting away with lies, felonies and corruption for decades.

And the campaign is having trouble keeping its lies straight.

That’s always the problem with lying.

[Update a few minutes later]

Oopsie. More work emails from her “private” account. With David Petraeus.


[Update a few minutes later]

Democrats starting to figure out what a terrible liar Hillary is.

They’d have no problem at all, as long as she was good at it, like Bill.

Dear Hillary

A debate over a law is never “over”:

As this debate moves forward toward the next election I would hope that Republicans and conservatives take the opportunity to remind voters that our entire system of government is, to varying degrees, a flexible and constantly shifting beast. Obamacare is, beyond question, the law of the land as it stands today. It’s also true that a couple of aspects of it have been challenged through the proper rules of order and have survived the test all the way to the highest court. But absolutely none of that has magically transformed this piece of legislation into some sort of natural law, essential human right or sacred text brought down on stone tablets from Mount Sinai.

The law of the land is as permanent as the voters decide it should be. Its expiration date may never come or it may be swept way with the next meeting of the legislature. There is no debate over the law which ever truly ends as long as there are those left who wish to debate it.

It’s almost as thought they want to silence dissent.

For Incoming And Returning College Students

Ashe Schow has a warning:

Students, especially male students, need to stop viewing sex merely as pleasure or as an expression of affection or love, and begin seeing it as a potentially life-ruining moment. And as someone who has never advocated abstinence, that is a painful thing to have to say.

The situation has gotten so bad that one parents’ group has begun distributing flyers on California campuses warning students of how easy it is to be accused and expelled.

The reality of it is this: There is little trust anymore between the sexes. Women are being told that men, especially men they believe are their friends, are waiting to get them drunk and rape them. This in turn is leading men to believe that women are going to accuse them of sexual assault for just about any reason, even for consensual sexual encounters.

I’m glad I’m not attending college these days.

[Update a few minutes later]

Defining deviancy up: Remarks about physical appearance now constitute “sexual violence.”

Pleading The Fifth

I’ll bet this IT guy is sorry he ever got involved with the Clintons.

The only reason I can think of to not give him use immunity is because the DoJ doesn’t want to hear what he has to say.

[Update a few minutes later]

Hadn’t noticed the whole story. Apparently he wasn’t just a hired IT guy — he worked on her campaign.

No sympathy, then. Anyone who voluntarily associates themselves with this long-time criminal syndicate deserves whatever they get.

The Hillary Email Probe

It is becoming “extremely serious.”

Of course it is. Because it always was.

[Saturday update]

Hillary’s zone of maximum danger:

so now one of two things will happen. First, Clinton could keep the FBI at bay and sell the idea that this is all another partisan witch hunt. In this scenario, she scares off additional contestants for a short period of time-say, five weeks-at which point it becomes logistically impossible for someone to wage a serious campaign designed to beat her. If it’s just her, O’Malley, and Sanders in the ring by the end of September, then she’ll slug it out and probably win the nomination in a closer-than-expected fight. That’s one possibility.

The other is that one of the aforementioned big guns does get in, at which point things get interesting. Republican races always pit two basic political factions against one another: the GOP establishment against actual conservatives. Democratic races have three factions: the party’s establishment machine, ideological liberals, and people obsessed with identity politics.

The Democratic establishment isn’t as powerful as its Republican counterpart, but it’s plenty formidable. Howard Dean couldn’t beat it with his ideological liberalism. Barack Obama was able to merge liberalism with identity politics, and he still nearly lost to the establishment machine, winning only because of Clinton’s massive strategic error of not focusing resources on caucus states.

If Biden or Warren or Patrick gets in, then we could hae a three-way face off between each faction of the Democratic party – an epic, asymmetric showdown, like shark versus crocodile versus giant squid. At which point Clinton would step into the octagon with the outcome very much uncertain. And if Obama decides to weigh in and back one of the new challengers, things get even tougher for her.