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Gary Taubes

Did his own institute disprove his nutrition theory?

I’d like to see details on the study. This article focuses on weight loss, and ignores other health benefits of not eating crap. I’ve certainly not been doing it for weight loss, but rather to reduce my serum cholesterol and triglycerides, and improve my A1C. Also, if you’re converting fat to muscle, you’re not losing weight, but you’re getting a lot healthier.

Heredity And Lifespan

This is very good news, if true. Both of my parents died of heart attacks fairly young (I’ve now outlived my father by more than a decade, and will beat my mother in a couple years), but they were both obese and smokers. I have a clean bill of health as of a year or so ago, in terms of plaque, even though I ignore the criminally terrible nutrition advice from the federal government.